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Skip The Taxi: 5 Reasons Travel Managers Need a Corporate Car Service Partner

If you are a busy administrative executive or travel manager who is responsible for arranging your company’s corporate travel itineraries, we know how that can quickly swallow up most of your day and leave you with a pile of work to catch up on.  Each traveler in your group has different preferences, busy schedules and all of the pressure is on your shoulders to make sure they get on the plane or make it to their meeting in time.  Working with a corporate car service allows you to accommodate all of your traveler’s preferences and itineraries with little to no effort on your part.

In cities like Philadelphia, cabs and ride-sharing services are often used to avoid parking and provide a quick means of transportation.  While these services work great for the average commuter, they are not ideal for professionals who depend on their travel time to prepare and rely on the comfort of a vehicle to get some work done.  Scheduling these cars often leaves you with a pit in your stomach, hoping they show up on time and provide a seamless experience for your team.

A great replacement for public transportation and random drivers is Corporate Car Service.  Working with a team of transportation experts means you can rest easy knowing your favorite drivers will bring the best cars available to transport your team in style.  No grubby backseats, no taxi meters, no awkward drivers who haven’t learned their way around yet.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are 5 compelling reasons to make the switch.

1. Easy Booking

Calling a ride-share service, taxi or rental car company interrupts your day.  While you can schedule ahead of time, you will have to check in with these companies to make sure they have a car available, they will come on time, they have your corporate car on file.  There is a lot of administrative work added to your already jam-packed day.  Whether you are a fill time travel manager or it’s just a part of your responsibilities, your time is vauable and shouldn’t be spent babysitting random drivers.

A trusted car service will have your information on file, will understand that nature of your travel and anticipate your needs and will provide a booking solution that works with your process.   In fact, as you work with your transportation team, your booking process could be as easy as texting  “Send a car at 12”.   Which brings me to my next point – Reliability.

2. Peace Of Mind

There are many things in travel that are out of your control.  Monster snow storms, traffic back-ups, broken-down vehicles. The list could go on forever.  Your team will not care what the reason is, they only want to know the solution to getting them to their destination on time.  Configuring travel arrangements around chaos is no fun for anyone.  A corporate car service will anticipate all of the potential delays and work tirelessly to get your traveler to their destination on time regardless of the world working against you.

You can rest easy knowing that you have chosen experts to handle all of the what-ifs so you can focus on more important tasks in your day.

3. Safety

Have you ever taken a ride in a taxi or ride-sharing service that was uncomfortable?  Not knowing who you are putting your team in a car with can feel uneasy.  It is actually pretty simple for just about anyone to become a driver these days.  Bad intentions and lack of training can create situations that are not favorable for the success of your business.

In Philadelphia, there are so many taxi and ride-sharing accidents that lawyers are able to create businesses out of helping people collect damages from their accidents.  On the other hand, all corporate car service drivers are highly trained, operate safe vehicles and take care in their transportation services.

4.  Luxury Fleet

Public transportation is just what it sounds like.  Overused, underappreciated and cramped.  Cabs and shared vehicles are meant to get as many people across town as possible.

When you work with a corporate car service, you know exactly which vehicles will pick up your team.  They will be highly maintained upscale cars offering plenty of space to work while you ride and present your company in a professional, luxurious light.  When a traveler arrives by chauffeured car and is able to best perform their job, the company wins.

Additionally, often times you will find yourself needing group travel accommodations.  Ordering several taxies’s is not efficient.  A great corporate car service will have a range of vehicles able to move your entire party together.


5. Time Savings For Everyone

Usually, in a corporate role, the travel manager has multiples jobs on their plate.  The ability to quickly schedule and book transportation could save entire days worth of work.

Your time savings as the booking agent isn’t the only perk though.  Your team will enjoy the ability to have a clean, safe space to relax or work on their way to their destination.  Taking this time back means more productivity,  less stress, and a higher chance that your team will arrive prepared and happy to perform their job.


Corporate car service is your company’s best opportunity to save time and money on ground transportation.  Developing a relationship with a corporate car service expert will allow you to concentrate on other tasks, knowing your teams travel is handled.   Upgrading your travel experience doesn’t have to cost more either.  If you are a travel manager in the Philadelphia region and would like learn more about how to make a corporate car service account work for you, feel free to call or text us at  (215) 863-1910

Upgrade your corporate travel by seeking out a trusted transportation partner such as  our team here at Hollowsands.