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Planning for a Roadshow? Read Our Transportation Tips First!

Planning for a roadshow is an exciting and grueling time for a company.  Gathering key stakeholders and preparing them to travel across the country on a multi-city tour involves a lot of planning.  As road show transportation experts, we take the burden of arranging travel for your meetings off of your hands and ensure a smooth and seamless tour.
Working as an extension of your team, chauffeured car services such as ours at Hollowsands, interact with the event Booker to communicate all of the meetings, itineraries and adjust travel arrangements to ensure the team arrives at their destinations on time.

Responsibilities of Roadshow Chauffeurs

The expert road show chauffeur understands and accepts the enormous responsibility that
comes with an investment bank road show. While the management team is in the vehicle, we facilitate our role as are the guardian of safe, efficient transport and the productive use of time. Because the outcome of a successful road show could have great impacts on the economic well-being of our clients as well as our community, our primary purpose is to ensure a smooth, delay-free tour.
To be a successful road show chauffeur, you must demonstrate the highest level of customer
service and professionalism at all times, but also have the ability to anticipate and avoid
problems. From the pick up to the drop-off, the chauffeur is under continuous scrutiny. The banker and
the management team are in constant communication with the booker to discuss the meeting
schedule and chauffeur performance.

Preparing For a Road Show

Two of the most common complaints that bookers have with their previous companies are “I can’t find the driver” and “the driver is lost.”  Our chauffeurs are coached to pre-plan routes and alternative routes so as to not have to rely on faulty GPS directions.
Our chauffers prepare for the events by:
  • Reviewing the schedule and understanding the pick and drop off plan for each location.
  • Reviewing special instructions that can involve added requirements such as presentation kits or boxed lunches.
  • Review signage for accuracy
  • Arriving 15 minutes early
  • Reviewing traffic and weather conditions that could affect the transportation plan
  • Preparing the car with beverages, reading material, kleenex, hand sanitizer and a phone charger
  • Ensuring the banker, management team and booker have your cell phone number and we have a the booker’s name on speed dial
  • Know the plan for canceled meetings and potential locations for off plan coffee/lunch stops
  • Include umbrella’s for every potential passenger.

Communications with the Roadshow Desk and Booker

The booker and the Roadshow desk are able to contact the chauffeur the first
time, every time by phone. Your chauffeur will answer with their name and the name of the roadshow they are providing service for.  Our roadshow clients are able to call anytime and for any reason, they may need.  Often times our clients call us to:
  • Drive the car around and prepare for the next meeting
  • Retrieve materials they may have left in the car
  • Let you know that a meeting is running late and it could impact the start time of the next meeting
  • Cancel meetings and prepare an alternate plan

Airport Pick Ups

In many cases, confusion arises on airport pickups.  The flight arrives and the driver is nowhere to be found, wasting valuable time.  Hollowsands has perfected this process with pre-planned meeting locations, communication procedures for when the flight arrives and what to do if there are delays. Roadshows are highly stressful and ensuring that things kick off without any delays- especially at the airport- is key.

Procedures While En Route

The two most critical aspects while en route are being visible for the traveling team and
communication with the booker and the Road Show Desk. There are a few necessary rules we have established to ensure the team is all on the same page.
  • Establish the drop-off and pick-up locations in advance
  • Advise the main contact to call as they are on the way out to discuss where to meet
  • Inform the booker of any delays and discuss potential schedule changes with the Road Show Desk
  • Add all GPS locations ahead of time

 Planning for a Roadshow

As you can see, we put a lot of time and preparation into serving our client’s for their Roadshow needs.  We anticipate every possible scenario and communicate constantly to ensure the events go smoothly.
If you are planning a roadshow, give us a call.  Our team will be happy to speak with you about your transportation needs and how to plan efficient and effective roadshows.