Philadelphia Prom Limo Service -Tips For A Perfect Prom

Planning For Prom: Your Philadelphia Prom Transportation Guide

With prom season quickly approaching, we are fielding a lot of questions about how to plan for your prom night transportation.  While often left to last on the list, we hope to give you a few great reasons to lock in your ride early as well as some tips on how to make your prom safe and memorable.

Prom is a transportation companies busiest season.  In the Philadelphia area, thousands of students will be putting on their best and heading out to one of the biggest nights of their lives.  And while there are many ways to get to prom, the most popular options are often reserved many months in advance.

In addition to the excited teenagers, spring is also prime time for weddings making it even more difficult to prom-goers to ensure they have the ride they have always imagined.

So, how do you make sure your teen will have a safe and memorable night? We have a few tips to help:

Check Limo Company Reviews

You might think a limo is a limo right?  Well yes, many of them have the same features but there is one important thing to consider; company policy.  Who is responsible if a car breaks down on the way to your prom?  Who is ensuring the safety and well-being of your teenager?  Many companies charter vehicles in order to capitalize on prom night.  They may not be transportation experts, certified drivers or even reputable people.  The best way to protect yourself from potential problems is to seek out a company that is established and has stellar reviews.  Facebook, Google, and Yelp offer places for former clients to leave feedback on their experience.

Ask About Parental Controls

Communicate all of your wishes with your limousine company as well as the individual chauffeur that will transport your party. Do you need the group home by a certain time? Would you like the driver to leave the privacy screen down and monitor what is happening in the vehicle?  These are reasonable requests that most limousine and chauffeured car services will honor.

Create A Plan For Your Limo Service

Corraling a crowd of 10+ teenagers can be next to impossible.  Create a captain or leader who is responsible for making sure all of the guests are present and everyone knows what is expected of them.  Pre-plan your dinner engagement, photo opportunities, and after-prom plans. How many hours do you need the limousine service for?  What are the rules if someone is late.  Who is responsible for payment and any potential damages to the vehicle. Creating a plan for your teenager and their friends will ensure they have a great night and put you at ease as they head out the door.

Safety Considerations –  Ask for your driver’s name and contact information.  Create a safeword for teens to use if they get into situations where they feel uncomfortable.  Our drivers are here to make your experience enjoyable and safe.  We have delivered thousands of students safely to and from their prom.

Check Your Limo Capacity

What is the size of your prom party?  A 13 person limo may only accommodate 10 passengers in the back. Be sure the vehicle you choose will seat all of your guests comfortably.

Review Your Limo Service’s Additional Terms

Did you know you are not able to eat in most limousines?  These are very expensive cars and limousine companies have seen it all.  Be sure to fully read your agreement and understand all of the rules that will apply to your car, driver, and event.  Most limousine companies will go over all of the expectations in advance so there is no last-minute confusion about the itinerary, the expectations of the riders, the parent’s conditions and the costs involved.

Book Your Philadelphia Prom Limo Early!

Most weekends around prom are booked months in advance.  The longer you wait, the less likely you are to get the vehicle that best suits your needs.

Planning for prom is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.  Hiring a highly regarded limousine company to chauffeur prom-goers means you can feel secure that everyone will arrive safely to and from their prom festivities.

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