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Philadelphia Prom Season – How to Keep Your Teen Safe

If your teen is in their senior year of high school, chances are they are getting excited about prom night. Both guys and gals are agonizing over who they’ll take to prom, if they’re not already in a steady relationship. It’s a busy time of trying to find the perfect outfits and order flowers. 

 As a parent, you will probably experience many emotions while your teen is out enjoying their evening.  One way to be sure that they have a safe, amazing time is to hire a reputable limo service to escort them.  

Philadelphia Prom Safety Tips

One of the major concerns during prom night is keeping your children safe. While we don’t like to think about drinking and driving, it does happen on prom night and it can lead to heartbreak. 

A trusted limo service offers you the peace-of-mind of knowing that your teen will travel safely to and from all of their prom events.  Teens do not always make the best decisions, especially when its a night they have been waiting for their whole lives.  If their friend is driving them and has made bad choices, your teen is likely to go along with them as opposed to calling a parent for help. 

Your decision to hire a limo service means your teen will not have the opportunity to get in the car with someone they shouldn’t.  They will have a luxury vehicle waiting to transport them safely to anywhere on their evening agenda.  

Not only will a qualified limousine service be there for their safe travels, they will be there for you as well.  Your driver can touch base with you as often as you like to let you know that the prom party is safely at their destination and alert you if there is any reason for you to be aware of something.

Experience Prom in Luxury

This is a special once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your loved one and it can be made extra special by choosing the right prom limo and transportation service. 

Teenagers will be excited to ride in a limousine or party bus on their way to prom. Most limo services offer a range of luxury sedans, SUVs, vans, and stretch limos. A stretch limo is the perfect choice for prom night. ADepending on the size of your prom party, our stretch limo is the perfect choice for prom night. stretch limo can be shared with up to 10 passengers, so your teen can travel to the prom in style, along with their closest friends and dates. 

Peace-of-mind for Parents on Prom Night

A wonderful perk of working with a limo service for prom is the chauffeur. Chauffeurs are trained to keep an eye on their riders to ensure their safety and well being.  As a parent, you will have the ability to contact your chauffeur and confirm your teen’s safe arrival at all of the evening’s destinations.  So, instead of frantically texting your busy teen, you can get a quick update from your chauffeur to keep your mind at ease!

Ready to book?

Hollowsands is quickly booking up for the prom nights ahead in the Philadelphia area. Since proms are generally held on one of the weekends in May, there are only a few months left to book. Keep your teen safe and ensure a magical evening by booking with a 5-star rated limousine service! For more tips on planning the perfect prom, check out our prom transportation guide –> Planning For Prom: Your Philadelphia Prom Transportation Guide