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Don’t Let Dad Drive You To Prom

Prom season is an exciting time for teens and parents.  As prom approaches, there are many details to tend to.  The prom prep process (say that three times fast) is different for every teenager, but the fundamentals remain the same.  For a successful prom you need the following:

A date – This can be anxiety producing if you are not dating someone.  Who asks who?  Can you ask someone over facebook messenger?

A crew – Who is going in your party?  Where will you meet?  How will you get to the meeting point and home?

The attire – What are you wearing?  Fancy, Really Fancy, Casual?  Modern, Vintage, Ballgown? It’s not easy to choose the outfit for one of the most looked forward to nights of your life!

The plan – Where are you meeting? Will you do dinner? Is there a photo shoot? What about the after party.  How do you navigate 20 people and 20 people’s parent’s rules!?

The ride – How are you getting to all of these places?  How can you be sure you will have a safe way to get to all of your destinations?

There is a lot to consider and plan for.  Usually a go-getter takes control of the planning and makes things happen -love those friends that know how to take control!

One thing you can get checked off early is your limo service. Why do it early?  Well if you don’t, you could be stuck in the backseat of your car with a parental chaperone!  And, no one really wants that to happen.  So, take a look at the following  Philadelphia prom limo rental options and make a move before it is too late!

 Stretch Limousines

By far, stretch and super stretch limousines are the most common form of transportation to area proms.  Ranging from 6-8 passenger models, these vehicles are popular with area students.  Look for package rates and know that most area limo companies will have a 6 hour minimum on rentals during peak season.

Stretch limousines are still the go-to option for prom transportation.  They offer the perfect combination of luxury, amenities and comfortably seat between 6-10 people.  As you book your limo, be sure to inquire about the requirements, responsibilities and communication processes.

Philadelphia Prom Limo Rentals, Party Buses - Hollowsands Luxury LimosParty Buses

Oh, the party bus.  It’s like having the prom before the prom.  Imagine you and 30 of your closest friends all traveling through Philadelphia in a top-of-the-line limo bus!  The atmosphere on these things is contagious and it sets you and your party up to have the night of your life.  There is something about being able to move around a moving vehicle that makes things even more fun!

Philadelphia Prom Limo Rental - Hollowsands Luxury LimoSomeone Drives

There are those who take matters into their own hands and offer to drive you and your guests.  While this is an economical solution, it is often the reason a perfect evening can go south.  Driving yourself to prom or worse yet, having your parents drive, is not ideal.  Driving yourself means you are responsible for whoever is in your car.  Prom evenings are some of the most dangerous to be on the roads. While you might be a responsible driver, many teens make bad decisions on prom night.

And need I say more about the parent chauffeur.  Prom is your big excursion into freedom, kind of hard to do with mom or dad in tow.

The thing is, prom is usually a one-shot deal.  It’s your big night to shine and celebrate your accomplishments in school and your bright future.  Looking back, you will either have amazing memories or feel a little disappointed in how your evening transpired.  Set yourself up to have the best night ever by investing in a limo service that will allow you to enjoy the evening with your friends without any of the hassles of transportation arrangements.  Also, there is the cool factor when you roll up in luxury.

So, share the following website with your rents and let them know you love them, but you want a Hollowsands for prom!