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The Many Reasons To Hire A Professional Limo Service

From safety to luxury, the reasons to hire an established Philadelphia limo service far outweigh the costs. Often reserved for the most special occasions in one’s life, limousine services are actually practical for most planned occasions. While it may feel like a splurge to hire a limousine service, once you add the costs of time lost in traffic delays, uber or taxi fees, parking, tolls, and choosing a designated driver, a chauffeured car starts to make a lot more sense.  

Hire a limo service for safety

Often many special occasions can involve spirits, and the last thing you want is to compromise your safety or worry about how you will get home from your fun night out.  Even though you may have a designated driver to your special event, there are no guarantees they’ll stay away from alcohol. It can be tempting when everyone else is celebrating. The best solution is to hire a limousine car service that will take you to anywhere in Philadelphia that you need to go. (and in style) 

Hire a limo service to be pampered

Being pampered is another great reason to hire a chauffeured car service such as Hollowsands.  It is exciting to have someone open the door to your upscale vehicle and chauffeur you across the city.  There are a wide range of vehicles in our fleet to select from.  Exploring the city with your favorite people and not having to drive is luxury at its best. 



Hire a limo service for peace-of-mind

Peace of mind is another great reason to hire a premier Philadelphia limo service.  Sit back and enjoy the ride while your chauffeur tackles the difficult part of driving. Your worries and anxieties will be decreased, and instead, you can focus on that great concert or play you’re seeing, or perhaps be excited about your own wedding.  

Highly trained chauffeurs such as our team at Hollowsands, offer extensive city knowledge will ensure you arrive at your destination on time and with minimal traffic delays.  Choosing a well-established service with great ratings means you can relax and not have to worry about car problems, traffic conditions, parking, accidents and all the things that come with driving yourself.

In addition, Hollowsands maintains our status as one of Philadelphia’s most dependable limousine services because our fleet is impeccably maintained by an on-site mechanic. Our chauffeurs also undergo a 7-Point Certification program that covers everything from dressing professionally to manners, and safe driving practices. Our drivers also utilize the latest technology so that if there are any traffic jams on your route, your driver will be able to avoid them.

Hire Hollowsands limo service for all these reasons

 Hollowsands safely transports people to every major and minor venue in Philadelphia. Do you have an upcoming special event?  As we head into the busy prom and wedding season, our weekends are already filling fast.  Avoid disappointment by booking your favorite vehicle as early as possible and let us do the driving for a change.