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Get Where You Need to Go: The Advantages of Safe and Stress-Free Airport Transportation

If you’ve just landed at an airport after a long haul flight, the last thing you want to be bothered with is trying to get across town to your hotel.

Whatever your reason for the trip – perhaps its a solo trip, a business meeting or a family vacation – you will be tired and irritable. Some travelers go to extreme lengths to avoid this hassle by booking an airport hotel that costs much more than a hotel in the city.

But a pre-arranged airport transportation service or shuttle could be the best and easiest way to get you to your bed as soon as possible. It can be stress-free!

Airport Transportation Options

It is clear when we start to break down all the transport options that an airport shuttle is the best way to get you from A to B.

Ride Sharing Apps and Taxis

Ordering a Grab or an Uber means connecting to the WiFi and hoping that it extends to the designated pick up point. Alternatively, you could get yourself a local sim card but this involves scrambling around hunting for one and paying for it in local currency which you might not have yet.

Opting for a taxi instead involves potentially being ripped off. It also means trying to direct your driver to your destination in a city you don’t know very well.

In cities in Asia and Africa, scams involving taxis at airports are common. Drivers like to spout out the classic line about your hotel having ‘burned down’. They then offer to take you to their cousin or friend who can provide you with an alternative hotel!

Both these options also involve sitting in traffic sometimes for over an hour, which can be frustrating.

Public Transport

Of course, this option will probably be the cheapest answer. But it is the most time consuming and sometimes the most difficult to arrange.

If you are catching a bus, then you need to know exactly what stop to get off. You will also need directions from the bus stop to your hotel. This can be hard to plan in advance. Even using Google Maps with a local sim card is not always that much help.

There is also the hassle of carrying your luggage from the airport onto the bus stop and then from the bus to your hotel. If you arrive at peak time, you might not even be able to find a seat and may have to stand with your luggage beside you.

Catching the metro or subway in many cities now involves having to purchase a specific card and loading it with credit.  In Hong Kong this is an Octopus Card, in London you’re good with an Oyster card. Whilst these cards might save you money in the long-run, in the short term they often require a deposit up-front.

Working out how the system works can also be confusing. In Hong Kong, for instance, not only do you need to know what station your hotel is nearest to, but you also need to know which exit of that station you need to use.

Tube strikes are also common in London.

The Benefits of Airport Shuttle Pickups

The airport shuttle service is by far the best option for getting you where you need to go when you land at the airport or when you need a private car to the airport.

Most of the time payment is agreed in advance so there are no surprises waiting for you nor do you have to haggle to an acceptable price. You can also pay on a credit or debit card before you arrive to ensure that you do not have to first hunt around for an ATM.

Often the driver is waiting for you in the arrivals lounge, holding a sign with your name on it or the name of the shuttle service. From here he or she can take you and anyone you are traveling with straight to the car or van: there is no need to head outside of the airport arrivals lounge with your heavy bags to look for the taxi rank.

The amount of people traveling has also been agreed in advance so there is no need for the group to split up. Everybody should be able to travel together. Shuttle vans can often hold as many as 59 people.

Luxury Vs Saving Money

Furthermore, you can often also travel to your destination in a car or van of your choice. With a taxi, Uber, or Grab, you have to accept whichever car pulls up.

An airport transportation service allows you to pay extra for a nicer car or even a limousine to take you to your destination.  We offer luxury airport transportation so be sure to check it out. This is the perfect way to start your vacation or trip.

Equally though, an airport shuttle can also take the form of a large public bus. It will still drop you directly at your hotel door but because of its size, it can take a lot more passengers than an ordinary bus. This is good because it can reduce the overall price of the shuttle, making it probably the best value-for-money.

Getting You Where You Need to Be

An airport shuttle is by far the best transport option when you have just landed from a long haul flight. It can get you where you need to go without any of the hassles of trying to understand the public transport system in a city you’re not familiar with.

You can save getting a sim card or local currency for another time and can instead focus on getting out of the airport as quickly as possible. Finally, airport transportation shuttles also ensure that you get the best price and are not ripped off from the moment you land.

If you are weighing up your airport transport options for your next trip, be sure to consider our service. Click here to book.