How to Reduce Stress and Save Money With a Custom Wedding Transportation Plan

As summer wedding season approaches, the stress of pulling off your dream wedding starts to accumulate.  The magic is in the details and those details take a lot of time and energy to sort out!  It is often at this stage that happy couples start looking up flights to Vegas in a last ditch effort to elope and avoid all the madness that has overtaken their lives. One thing that may help you align all of your ducks is a transportation plan.  Let me explain…

Transportation is one of the most overlooked details- often left for guests and the wedding party to sort out themselves -but this can lead to a lot of delays and unnecessary stress.  Creating a custom wedding transportation plan will help you plan out your day and allow your wedding party and VIP’s to know exactly where they should be and when.

So, what is a custom wedding transportation plan and why do you need one?

What is a Custom Wedding Transportation Plan?

A wedding transportation plan is a pro-active look at the movement of your wedding party and guests on your wedding day and for all of your celebratory events.  When creating your transportation plan it is important to account for out-of-town guests, your wedding party and yourself as you plan your arrivals and departures for each event.  A wedding transportation plan maps out an itinerary complete with times, dates, locations, directions and possible modes of transportation to each event to avoid confusion and potential delays.

How Will a Transportation Plan Benefit Our Wedding?

Managing people’s movements is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding.  Communicating where and when people need to be in specific places helps everyone stay on-time.  When you take the time to create a plan for your wedding party and guests, you reduce their stress and allow yourself the peace-of-mind of knowing that your most important people will be where they are needed.

And don’t forget yourself!  You are the star of the show after all.  Getting to the altar on time is important to keep the day on track and also to avoid making your soon-to-be spouse wonder if you have cold feet!  Getting stuck in traffic or waiting for your wedding party to arrive is not the way you want to start the most important ceremony of your life!

How Much Does A Transportation Plan Cost?

Transportation plans do not have to expensive, in fact, the majority of the work you can do yourself. We offer a free consultation to help you map out your plan, organize your modes of transportation and offer you frequent updates on your itinerary to help keep everyone informed.  Just like every other aspect of your wedding, the more effort you put into your planning, the better your result will be.

Additional Cost-Savings a Transportation Plan Offers

We polled some of our newly-wed customers to be to find out what their biggest concerns were when hiring a limousine or transportation service for their wedding.  Their response was overwhelming, that they did not want to pay for vehicles to be on standby.  While some standby time cannot be avoided, a transportation plan does allow us to maximize our routes and schedules to avoid as much waste as possible.  In addition, as you plan your wedding day events we are able to create custom packages that can save you a great deal of money on all of your wedding transportation services.

How Do I Get Started With My Custom Wedding Transportation Plan?

If you live in or around the Philadelphia area, we would be happy to chat with you about your wedding details and begin to create your unique plan.  Simply fill out the information below and we create a plan that works for your unique wedding requirements.   You can also always call our text us at 215.863.1910.

Create My Custom Wedding Transportation Plan

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