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Corporate Car Service: A Wise Company Investment

Have you considered hiring a corporate car service?  For many, a car service feels like a splurge or an unnecessary expense.  It all seems so extravagant to be picked up in a luxury car, catered to and dropped off at the doorstep of your event or function.  Fortunately, using a car service doesn’t have to be a day-dream.  In fact, when you weigh the benefits and costs of other forms of transportation, a ride across town in a chauffeured vehicle makes a lot more sense than you would think.

4 convincing  perks of using a corporate car service:

Improve Productivity

Running a business or working in a professional environment usually means daily meetings and events.  You could have several destinations every day that require you to travel in different directions.  All of this time on the road means you are not being productive.  You can dial up your blue-tooth and make some phone calls, but how focused can you be while navigating one-way streets and searching for the elusive parking space?  Your attention is divided which allows the opportunity for mistakes that could be disastrous for your car or your relationship with your clients.

The opposite is true when you travel by car service.  You are able to devote your attention to your work prior to arriving at your destination.  You can make phone calls, prepare your notes, schedule more meetings, or just relax before showtime.  All of a sudden your travel time is productive again.

Car Service Removes Stress

How many times have you circled city blocks looking for a place to park?  Or, found a parking place, but fumbled with a meter for 10 minutes before being able to attend your meeting or function? All of this hassle takes your focus off of what is important and adds stress to your day.  The worst is not being sure where you have to go – you are lost – running late and you still have to navigate parking.  When you finally arrive, late, at your destination, you don’t even want to be there.  You feel unprepared even though you spent hours preparing.  And if its the airport, you may be watching your flight take off from behind your steering wheel.

Hiring a car service to bring you right to the front of the building means you walk in on time, prepared and ready to shine at your event.  Stress can cause a lot of problems from distraction to a lack of confidence.  Stepping out of a beautiful car with a clear head and feeling of accomplishment starts your event off on the right foot. It could mean the difference between success and failure.

Uphold Your Professional Image

First impressions are key to landing deals, winning new clients, and just about every aspect of growing a business. You work hard to maintain your professional appearance in order to gain the respect and admiration of your colleagues, employees and business network.  While you don’t need a fancy car to obtain respect in a professional environment, it certainly helps! When a business person steps out of a chauffeured car, they immediately exude a sense of accomplishment and success. Often times in a business setting, the smallest details change the course of a relationship.  Investing in a car service allows you to arrive confidently at any event and represent your company with the highest level of professionalism.  It doesn’t take a huge budget to create that sense of envy and achievement.

Corporate Car Service Vs. Rental Cars

Using services like car rentals mean you lose time in securing your car, dealing with account managers, scouring the web for coupons, choosing a car that suits your needs, buying car insurance..etc.  Your costs are high and productivity is low. A great corporate car service will make it very easy for you to book your transportation.  Once your account is set up you can easily request a car and it will be waiting outside for you 15 minutes before you need to leave.  How much is an hour of your time worth?  Add your hourly rate to the cost of the car rental and using a corporate car service suddenly sounds like a smart investment.

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