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9 Tips for Fun and Easy Travel to Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the best cities to visit in America with attractions such as Fishtown, which is America’s hottest neighborhood. Both Americans and non-Americans enjoy visiting Philadelphia year in, year out.

Philly, as it is popularly known, boasts of many attractions but there is more to it than meets the eye. So if you travel unprepared, you might miss most of the fun and cool stuff about Philly. Philadelphia is a magical city, and with each passing day, it transforms into a new city.

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Philly! Here are 9 fun and easy travel tips to guarantee you an awesome experience in Philadelphia.

1. Getting to Philadelphia

Traveling to Philadelphia is easy, especially if you are traveling from nearby cities such as DC or New York. Philadelphia International, which is the main airport in Philly, is located just 20 minutes from the city center. You can also choose to travel by train and catch one at Amtrak.

If you are one who enjoys long road trips, you have the option of traveling by bus using Megabus. Both the train and the bus will leave you at 30th Street Station. If not at the station, you will stop downtown close to Reading Terminal Market.

Once you get to Philly, choose to travel in style especially if you are attending a special occasion in the city.

2. Carry Your Walking Shoes for Easy Travel

You can travel to most spots using transport means, but Philadelphia requires you to keep up with the walking culture. There are many sites to visit even in a single neighborhood. Choosing to walk around a neighborhood will give you an opportunity to spot things you would have otherwise missed if you chose any other means of transport.

Ladies! Get rid of those high heels and pack some comfortable shoes. Some sneakers will do. Trust us; you most definitely will not miss the heels.

3. Enjoy Being Outdoors

Do not travel to Philadelphia and stay locked up in your hotel room all day. Even if you travel for business, you have to make time to enjoy being outdoors and participating in fun activities.

Fairmount Park is an example of a place that presents you with 9,200 acres perfect for walking, hiking, setting up picnics, and biking. When the weather is not so favorable, you can choose to drive through, and check out the beautiful park.

Fairmount Park is located in a serene environment, away from all the hustle and bustle and is a peaceful place for you to visit. If you are traveling with kids, you are assured of fun activities that will keep them entertained all through.

4. Get Familiar with the City

You might have chosen to stay in a hotel or with a friend in a town like Fishtown, for instance. It means you have your plans in check. However, do not stay in one area during your entire stay in Philly.

Every neighborhood in Philly is unique and with a different story to tell. There is a lot to see in Philly to explore. If the neighborhoods you want to visit are far apart, you have a variety of transport options to choose from.

5. Experiment with Food

Philly is famous for its delicious cheesesteak, and we cannot ask you to stay away from such a delicacy. However, it is important that you realize how diverse Philadelphia is when it comes to food. Philly is a top culinary city, and many of its restaurants are known to be among “the best.”

Try Zahav, where you will get awesome Israeli food. If you want to enjoy some vegetables without experiencing the vegan stereotype, you can try Vedge.

For those that love the old school way, you can visit the Italian market or the modern tapas at areas like Tria and Double Know. Get to enjoy a variety of casual eating spots. There is everything for everyone.

6. Involve Yourself in the Local Art Scene

Visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a must-do but apart from going to the museum, you should enjoy the beautiful art in Philly. You definitely need to visit sites such as The Barnes Foundation and the Rodin Museum.

Enjoy viewing beautiful paintings and sculpture in these places. Philadelphia bursts with art; therefore, you have a variety of locations to visit.

7. Don’t Be Too Focused on the Liberty Bell

Make sure you visit the Liberty Bell but do not let yourself focus on it too much and forget there are more things to discover.

It will take you less than an hour to view the bell, well, depending on how long or short the line is. So once you are done, what next? Continue exploring the pleasures and treasures of Philly.

8. Focus on Signs

Keep your eyes wide open otherwise, you will miss the signs all over the city. Blue signs are dispersed to enlighten people of apparently insignificant stuff.

As you stroll around, make sure you stop and read the signs. People walk past landmarks without even realizing it because they do not pay attention to the signs. Do not be one of them.

9. Don’t Feel Pressured to Overspend

This is of utmost importance to all travelers traveling on a budget, and who do not want to spend too much money during their trip to Philly. Most of the historical sites in Philly like the Independence Hall are free to visitors, so take advantage of that and visit such places.

For those that enjoy indulging in a drink or two, you can take advantage of the happy hour prices in Philly. Many downtown bars in Philly have this offer.

You Are Now Ready for Philly with These Fun and Easy Travel Tips

Enjoy Philly in all its glory and return home with stories to tell. Your travel experience has just been made easier and more fun with these 9 fun and easy travel tips. So get your bags ready and prepare to explore.

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